St Ayles Skiff Oars and Oarlocks
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Beta testing

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Beta testing Empty Beta testing

Post by Robert Graham Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:24 am

Hi Topher
The forum has gone quiet since a number of clubs took up the offer of beta testing.
How are they getting on and has there been any feedback on the experience of making and using the new oar design? Is there a consensus on any particular aspects of the design?
For my own part, I had planned to make a set of solid oars with oak inboard and douglas fir outboard along the lines of Finlay's design but the douglas fir I bought was significantly heavier than the low 500kg/m3 I was expecting (actual 625kg/m3). The calculations indicated I could not get the UHF I wanted so have had to revert to making hollow oars which is a bit more time consuming.
Look forward to hearing about the progress.

Robert Graham

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