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Deciding parameters for the new oar

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Deciding parameters for the new oar Empty Deciding parameters for the new oar

Post by topherdawson Sun Dec 18, 2016 8:09 pm

Well done to everyone for getting all the oar measurements in. We now have a really comprehensive picture of all the better oars in the class, and each of those sets of oars represents countless hours of trial and error, and previous sets of oars.

You will see I have put at the top of the spreadsheet

a row of data which calculates the average of all the number 2 and 3 oars, ignoring short oar clubs. These are the longest oars, and the hardest to get right. If we can make a good design for these, the shorter oars will be easy to design.

Looking now at these oars, what do they have in common, what would be an acceptable stiffness to aim for, what range of gearings do we need, what would be a good number for the UHF, what blade area, what blade shape, how long does the inboard need to be?

In the topic there is a forum for people to post their preferences for the new design, and this is the next task, apart from enjoying Christmas pudding and the company of your family.


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