St Ayles Skiff Oars and Oarlocks
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Hugh Maclean -- Firth of Clyde CRC registering.

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Hugh Maclean -- Firth of Clyde CRC registering. Empty Hugh Maclean -- Firth of Clyde CRC registering.

Post by hughmac55 Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:57 pm

Hi Topher, and all the contributors, whose very full and interesting comments I have read so far. We at FoCCRC started out with 2 sets of Collars oars in 2012. This was quite an investment at the time but not optimum! The UHF of these oars was excessive approaching 6kg, so Martin at Scottish Maritime Museum carried out a lightening exercise which improved matters a little, but resulted in many dings to the blades which required considerable time and effort to repair. At our regatta this year, the Collars Stroke oar failed close to the thole pin with the Resourcinol glued vertical joint noted to have failed also. No imperfections were noted at the break and Collars were at a loss to explain. We thought we had solved the major issues by building a set of Anstruther pattern oars (as posted on the SCRA website) last winter, but find that the UHF although less than the Collars value is still high. Colin from Anstruther showed us his latest mark of hollow oars at N. Berwick regatta this year, and what an improvement in weight and balance! Hollow is the future for us!
We did a 20k row around Gt Cumbrae earlier this year using the Improved Collars oars with about 3kg of lead taped to the inboard section and the difference was dramatic. So basically we're looking to build simple but long lasting hollow oars with low UHF and similar lengths to our Anstruther set. ie 1 and 4 ,13 feet long 2 and 3, 14 feetlong. We are receptive to a number of the designs mentioned, particularly that of Crail and will gladly accept best practice. It is important to us to keep our very enthusiastic ladies and Under 17s happy with manageable, effective oars.
Thanks, Hugh.


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