St Ayles Skiff Oars and Oarlocks
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Update 11.12.16

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Update 11.12.16 Empty Update 11.12.16

Post by topherdawson Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:41 pm

Current state of affairs is that Robbie is shortly going to publish a link to the complete club survey results on the SCRA website, so all rowers can see them.

Meanwhile detailed oar measurements are coming in from you guys, thanks, and more are promised from Dundrum, Anstruther, Eastern, Coigach and North Berwick.

The spreadsheet is here:

Also on the spreadsheet is a possible design with a solid trapezoidal section Western Red Cedar outboard and a solid oak rectangular section inboard. It may not be stiff enough in the vertical direction and the only way to find out would be to make one. It is stiff enough I think in the horizontal with a deflection of 80mm. UHF = 2.5kg which is better than any existing oars, at a true gearing of 3.

I will put up another topic for design concepts for the new oar.


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